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  • Vax or No Vax? I Don’t Give a Fuck
    Just don’t jizz on my hamburger…
  • SCREW YOU: Stickin’ it to The (New) Man.
    Looking for counterculture? You won’t find it on social media. This Frankenstein monster we have all created has left only one thing sacred — our time.
  • Welcome to Phil’s World.
    The most sane I ever feel is around the “crazy people.” I don’t do well in the “normal” world. The average, normal “civilian” person looks […]
  • Joel Osteen Jerks Off.
    Joel Osteen follows Billy Graham’s lead with the “Modesto Manifesto,” I wonder if he also shares Billy’s thoughts on Jews… (Oh, and like me, they both jerk off.)
  • St. Valentine’s Day Ass-acre
    I could blame it on COVID and the pandemic or I could just accept the fact that I’m a loser without a date on Valentine’s Day, or I could just get a hooker…
  • Goodbye Dear Friend.
    In Honor of Larry Claxton FlyntFounder, HustlerNovember 1, 1942 – February 10, 2021 Today we lost a true, self-made American success story, a lifelong patriot […]
  • Who the Frick is Funky Claude?
    THIS MAN IS A ROCK-N-ROLL LEGEND. Who the fuck is he? I’m glad you asked… Meet Claude Nobs a/k/a “Funky Claude” (February 4, 1936 – […]
  • The Bush is Back, Bitches!
    I once shaved my pubes completely and my cock and balls looked like they were lit up like an airport runway for a 747 jumbo vagina. Never again.
  • The Uber Pornographer
    I feel like Matt McConaughey’s character, lawyer Mickey Haller, in The Lincoln Lawyer except I’m more like, Philly Baller, The Uber Pornographer…
  • Dead Sam Kinison Has a Message for Us All.
    I had a dream last night that Sam Kinison returned from the dead with a breathtaking personal message of hope for the world …from the great beyond.

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