Screw magazine has graced ADULT magazine racks throughout the Northeast since 1968, standing out from the crowd with our kitschy headlines and cartoonish covers — yet leaving nothing to the imagination inside — and consistently outselling other publications. Now, Screw is available for retail sale nationwide.

Screw publications are “evergreen” and never go out-of-date. In fact, they only become more valuable with time! Screw’s readers are among the most loyal of all magazine readers and in-turn will become loyal customers of your establishment once they know you carry it.

For newsstands and other retailer outlets interested in selling Screw publications we offer a minimum order of 12 copies per month at 50% off the $19,95 cover price. We also offer ongoing retail incentives, and online “where to buy” and social media targeting for your location, and as well as Point-Of-Purchase displays and other marketing materials to help you earn the most from selling Screw.

Customized Publications

We offer customized publications — including personalized/branded front- and back covers and custom centerfolds — for special events, promotions, etc., with a minimum purchase of 100 copies at 50% off the cover price.

For more information on retail sales and opportunities, email