The Uber Pornographer

January 31, 2021 Phil Italiano 0

I feel like Matt McConaughey’s character, lawyer Mickey Haller, in The Lincoln Lawyer except I’m more like, Philly Baller, The Uber Pornographer…


January 26, 2021 SCREW 0

A kinda dirty poem by Robert Creeley, originally published in SCREW #80 for the week of September 14, 1970.


The First Time I Ate Ethiopian…

January 20, 2021 Phil Italiano 2

I always imagined “Ethiopian Cuisine” would consist of creamed corn and sliced beets and all that other unwanted canned shit we donate and air-drop on them every year. But I was wrong…

Blame It All On Me.

January 5, 2021 Phil Italiano 0

“But I like to read the articles!” The reason I write this shit is so YOU have a reason to subscribe to SCREW other than just PORN…

SCREW Magazine The Art of Sniffing Panties

PERVING 101: How to Become a Panty-Sniffing Snob

January 4, 2021 SCREW 0

Picking up a pair of women’s panties to smell them may sound easy enough, but according to the world’s leading experts – known as the crotch cognoscenti – 99% of men (and women, too) do it wrong. Discover the Art of Sniffing Panties in four simple steps…

God Bless Porn.

December 23, 2020 Phil Italiano 0

Every time you enter that credit card on the Internet to buy a gift for someone for Jesus Christ’s birthday remember that just about every […]