Pageant Step Mom — My Birthday Present to My Pervy Self.

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Studio: She Seduced Me
Director: Alan X
Release Date: Jan 19, 2023
44 mins
Cast: Kenzie Reeves, Serene Siren

PeterMeter: 4/5

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: I’m turning 50 in two days and this flick was part of my birthday celebration. I streamed it on SCREW Premium (one of more than 300K+ films and clips available for instant, UNLIMITED streaming.) Combined with the Kenzie Reeves “Cream Puff” Fleshlight I also bought myself from, it was perhaps one of the most satisfying birthdays I’ve ever celebrated. All for less than a hundred bucks, which is saying a lot because I’m known to spend a shit-ton on hookers and booze and blow for my birthdays. Not that I’m too old now to party, it’s just been a heavy week so I have to postpone the real-life birthday fun till next month.

There’s no video description for this one, so here’s my take: horny stepmom seduces her little, beauty pageant-girl stepdaughter, lots of making-out, pussy eating, tit sucking and pussy grinding ensues. Kenzie Reeves is one of my favorites. She plays that fantasy little girl stuff to the T. (Thats “T” for Testicles.) Serene Siren, I fucking envy you so much. Kenzie’s pussy is so beautiful and perfect and already legendary — it even has its own name, “Cream Puff”, because it’s so puffy and delicious-looking. Oh what I’d give to eat it and fuck it like that. Yeah, her custom-molded stroker is nice but, let’s be real…

Anyway, thank you Serene Siren and Kenzie Reeves for making birthday wonderful. And thank you Kenzie Reeves for sharing your perfectly, pinkety, puffety pussy with the world for all of us pervs to enjoy.


Categories: BlondesCougarsCunnilingusErotic VignetteFamily RoleplayLesbianLesbian SeductionMILFOld & Young Females (18+)OralPlot OrientedShaved

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