SCREW YOU! #2,828

Ugh. I’m so sick of hearing the word “woke”. Now Joe Rogan is calling Howard Stern woke.

I feel like the word “woke” itself has just been weaponized by the right (and not in a good way, with a hint of racism), let’s not forget where/how the term came back into prominence: at the height of the George Floyd and BLM movement. #StayWoke. There was a time when it was used to refer to someone who thinks for themselves, which by current Rogan logic, isn’t something you should do — you should think like HE does, or like THEY do, or like anyone else who calls you woke. Now when you’re called “woke” I feel like it’s peppered with that hint of tongue-in-cheek BLM-ness.

There’s this thing in Eastern Thought (Chinese military strategy, actually) I like to call the Orthodox/Unorthodox Conundrum, where contest/debate/argument/war is always initiated through orthodox means but victory is always achieved via the unorthodox. (Ancient “think outside the box”, Sun-Tzu stuff.) However, once that victory is achieved, the unorthodox is now the new orthodox. Republicans would like you to believe they are the party of free speech, but the same conundrum applies: once you organize free thinkers into a group, they are now a party of group-thinkers. They are the party of group-think. Woke is a group-think term. To call someone “woke” means they think outside the group. It is a product of group-think and in essence you are ridiculing someone for free thinking. Perhaps it’s why the original party of Lincoln did the ol’ switch-a-roo and became the party of “woke”?

Ninety-nine percent of the people using the term do so in response to group-think, not even knowing why or how to use it, but rather because someone like Joe Rogan did. I’d love to do an experiment where he just randomly hates on some Liberal and calls him/her, “lizardballs,” just to see how quickly it becomes a hashtag and so sayeth his flock.

Anyway, I’d don’t like the word. Every time I hear someone name-call someone else “woke”, I hear the “baaaahhh” of sheep. Call me woke, don’t call me woke, I don’t give a fuck, just don’t call me late to fuck your mother. SCREW YOU.


P.S. — So happy to hear the Republicans appointed M.T. Greenhead to the Homeland Security Committee, she’s the only one who believes me about the Jewish Space Lasers.

They Woke Up Horny

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