Suzie Superstar (1983) — Shauna Grant’s Finest

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Studio: VCX
Release Date: 1983
Cast: Shauna Grant John Leslie Laura Lazarre Sharon Mitchell Ron Jeremy 

PeterMeter: 5/5

Shauna Grant’s tragically short career was marked by several legendary films, most notably Suzie Superstar in which she plays a sexy rock singer at the top of the charts. Her overbearing manager played by John Leslie sparks an adventure filled with sex, betrayal, money, and love.

With incredible appearances by Ron Jeremy, Joey Silvera, and Sharon Mitchell, Suzie Superstar remains one of the greatest classic features of all time, not just for its superior filmmaking and gorgeous sex scenes, but also for its story, acting, and je ne sais quoi. This is classic XXX at its very best, topping SCREW’s PeterMeter both then and now.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Suzie Superstar is Shauna Grant at her best. Actually, just about every film with Shauna Grant in it is “Shauna Grant at her best” and Suzie is the best of them. It’s hard to believe her illustrious porn career spanned less than two years, but just watch any of her films and it’s easy to see why she became a legend in such a short time. She had The X-Factor — fuck, the term was probably invented for her — with her wholesome “girl next door” looks and that hot, 80s style. If you’re looking for a great, classic 80s porn — or if you’re just getting started with the classic genre — Suzie Superstar is a great place to start; it defines 80s porn and is considered by SCREW to be one of the greatest XXX classics of all-time. It earned our highest PeterMeter rating back then and still deserves it to this day.


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