Danglin’ After Dark Comes to SCREW TV

This week we’re pleased to announce the adults-only podcast “Danglin’ After Dark” is now streaming on SCREW TV exclusively on Roku.

Danglin’ After Dark, hosted by Dick Dangle, is about all things adult: the adult industry, pornography, sexuality and all of the things that make us tick. It’s as much about comedy as it is sexuality because making people comfortable with these topics is half of the battle. But mostly, Danglin’ After Dark is a forum for like-minded people to come together and talk dirty.

To keep SCREW viewers up-to-the-minute we’re adding the most recent Season 2 episodes of Danglin’ After Dark while working our way backwards to the beginning of Season 1, too. In other words, we’re going both ways, …like your mom.

This is the first of several podcasts (and vidcasts) we will be adding to SCREW TV in the weeks and months to come. So stay tuned to more.

Podcasts via Roku are awesome by the way. If you have the remote with the headphone jack, they’re even better — you can walk around the house with your earbuds plugged into your remote and your remote in your pocket and never miss a laugh. Or you can simply blast it through your TV’s speakers or sound system — way better than listening on your phone or computer.

But if you absolutely must listen elsewhere beyond SCREW TV and Roku, you can listen to Danglin’ After Dark via all popular podcast platforms. Visit the official website at www.danglinafterdark.com for details.

As Dick Dangle says, Dangle On!

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