Vax or No Vax? I Don’t Give a Fuck

Just don’t jizz on my hamburger. Every day, every single one of us gets a coffee or a fountain drink at the convenient store, never knowing if five minutes before we arrived the clerk pissed in it or stirred it with his herpes-infected dick, or if the water it’s made with is contaminated by the Dow chemical factory down the street.

Every day we eat at restaurants never knowing if the Hep-infected chef or dishwasher or server is having a bad day or got a stick up their ass about us and decided to spit in or jizz in our soup or all over our steak or if that soup or steak is contaminated with some food-borne illness or Mad Cow shit.

Every day, some of us, many of us, smoke weed or snort coke or pop a pill not knowing where it came from, or what’s in it, for all we know it’s laced with fentanyl or cut with meth or been pissed on or shit on or muled into the country up some Central American’s disease infected asshole.

Bottom line, we put a ton of faith in all sorts of stuff we introduce into our bodies every single day. It’s not a science question, it’s not a health care question, it’s not a political question, it’s a question of faith. We take chances like this every day.

You either have faith in the system or not. Either way, no one is right or wrong. If you don’t want to be vaccinated because of all these unknown factors, then it’s the medical world’s fault (and the media, too) for not instilling as much faith in you as you have in the convenient store clerk, the restaurant worker, or the trap house dealer down the street.

Communication is the issue. And obviously it’s been riddled with misinformation from both sides. It’s sad to think some people trust those people more than our medical world. That doesn’t make them stupid. It just means they’ve lost faith. Like me, with Jesus.

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