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phil italiano screw magazine
phil italiano screw magazine

The most sane I ever feel is around the “crazy people.”

I don’t do well in the “normal” world. The average, normal “civilian” person looks at me and what I do and is either intrigued or disgusted by it. They either wish to live vicariously through me or they wanna run the other way fast as they can. I live and work in a world much different than most people, a world of free and honest expression, a world of creativity and invention, where ideas are the currency and “genius” flows and is actually understood and appreciated, not just a token term you throw out at parties to brag on your kid.

As “shady” as it may seem to the average civilian, the world I live and work in is far more HONEST than the “real world” most people live and work in. The only problems and drama I have in my life are when those two worlds collide. It’s never pretty and it only reminds me it’s time to go back to where I belong, to where I’m actually respected and appreciated.

“Normal people” don’t get this world. It intimidates them. Sure, they’re happy to enjoy the benefits of my work every day, but they’ll never understand what it takes to live and work here.

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