Joel Osteen Jerks Off.

February 18, 2021 Phil Italiano 0

Joel Osteen follows Billy Graham’s lead with the “Modesto Manifesto,” I wonder if he also shares Billy’s thoughts on Jews… (Oh, and like me, they both jerk off.)

SCREW Magazine The Art of Sniffing Panties

PERVING 101: How to Become a Panty-Sniffing Snob

January 4, 2021 SCREW 0

Picking up a pair of women’s panties to smell them may sound easy enough, but according to the world’s leading experts – known as the crotch cognoscenti – 99% of men (and women, too) do it wrong. Discover the Art of Sniffing Panties in four simple steps…

A Slurp of the Nurp

October 19, 2020 SCREW 0

19-year old nympho Elen don’t quit. She knows what she likes and if you ain’t gonna give it to her, she’ll just please herself…

White Hoes, Black Dildos

October 18, 2020 SCREW 0

Kinda self explanatory – sexy white girls tooling themselves with big, black dildos. Would you suck on one after it’s been in one of their […]