Watch SCREW TV on Roku.

Add SCREW TV to Roku and Start Streaming in Five Easy Steps:

  1. Subscribe to SCREW Magazine online (if you haven’t done so already) and/or login to your account at
  2. Click here or go to to add the SCREW TV app to your Roku device. It’s free to add, but you’ll need an active Roku account and device to add it.
  3. Go to your TV and open the SCREW TV Roku app on your TV screen.
  4. Click on any video, press “Play” and you’ll be prompted with a 4-digit code to link the channel to your SCREW account and unlock it.
  5. Go to and enter the code. (You need to be logged in to SCREW for that link to work.) Wait 5-10 seconds for the channel to unlock and your content should begin streaming.

That’s it – you can now browse the growing library of SCREW TV videos conveniently on Roku!

If you have any issues adding or linking to the SCREW TV Roku app, email technical support at

Take SCREW TV Everywhere!

Don’t forget, you can now bring SCREW TV with you wherever you go and watch it anywhere, from ANY device. Simply click “Watch Now!