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  • The Dungeon Store to Demonstrate Violet Wands at Exxxotica Miami
    A violet wand is an e-stim toy that uses electricity travelling across the surface of the skin…
  • The Cliterion Collection: ‘Behind the Green Door’ (1972)
    This classic skin flick starring Ivory Snow Girl Marilyn Chambers scored a throbbing 5.0 on SCREW’s PeterMeter back in 1972 and helped usher in The Golden Age of Porn…
  • Deep Throat: ‘The Very Best XXX Film Ever Made’
    How far does a girl have to go to untangle her tingle? This week SCREW TV celebrates Deep Throat starring Linda Lovelace – the film that ushered in The Golden Age of Porn. Watch it now on SCREW TV online, on Roku, or with Chromecast!
  • Lewd Lithography: Rowlandson’s Raunch
    Thomas Rowlandson was an award-winning English artist and caricaturist who later turned to creating highly explicit erotica, much of which is now locked away in Windsor Castle to hide away England’s filthy past…
  • SCROTUS: A Yugely Penile Portrait of Donald Trump
    There is perhaps no monument more befitting to mark the end of four, long years of Donald Trump’s failed presidency than one created entirely of old, rusty orange dildos…
  • Best Big-Boob Blogs to Beat Your Meat To.
    Part of our job here at SCREW is to do the work for you. We scour the web in search of great porn to beat-off to so you can spend more time noodling and less time Googling, more time diddling your ding-a-ling and less time typing in Bing, more time drilling for goo and less time searching Yahoo.
  • The Fetishistic Imagery of Petra Brnardic
    The most visible and tangible element in Petra Brnardic’s work is her eternal obsession with sex, death, fetish and taboo. In response to my previous […]
  • ‘Live in Maui’ Keeps the Fire Burning…
    While my late predecessor, Al Goldstein, was perhaps the world’s biggest John Lennon fan, I’m probably the world’s greatest Jimi Hendrix fan. Not just as […]
  • SCREW Remembers Jimi Hendrix (11/27/42-09/18/70)
    Very few musicians have carved as indelible a mark in the soundscape of modern music as guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Born in Seattle on November 27, […]
  • Staff Pick: Petite Temptations 3
    Every week the SCREW staff hand-picks our favorite New Releases – Petite Temptations 3 Studio: Raw Attack Cast: Alex Grey, Lyra Lockhart, Paige Owens, Petra Blair Cum and […]

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