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Review & Win: Run Your Mouth, Win Free Shit!

It’s quite simple, actually – we want to reward you for being an asshole! We want you to comment on ALL of our content – all the photos, videos, articles, everything. Say whatever you want. Say what’s on your mind. Say funny shit. Give an honest REVIEW of what you see or just be a dick. Don’t hold back – ROAST AWAY – and WIN! We’re giving you complete, creative license to be the most obnoxious asshole you can be AND we’re rewarding you for it.

How to Participate.

Below every photo, video and article post throughout SCREW you’ll see a comment section under, “Leave a Reply.” That’s where you post your comments. Talk shit about the photo or the video, tell us how hot (or not) the girl is and all the things you’d do (or wouldn’t do) to her, point out their messy rooms, or their ugly art, poke fun of anything and everything if you want to …whatever, we don’t care.

What You Win.

Every week the SCREW staff will read through all the new comments and choose a handful of the funniest. If your comment is chosen, you’ll win a FREE SCREW T-shirt (a $30 value) or other swag from or we’ll add a Free Month to your SCREW subscription. Occasionally, we might have other free shit to offer as well – depends on what we can get some of our sponsors to pony-up. (Those cheap bastards.)

There’s no limit to how many times you can win. But don’t get butt hurt if you don’t.

The Rules.

The only rules are: your comments CANNOT contain any sort of hate speech or any kind of personal contact information (for you or anyone else) and please, NO blatant advertising for whatever business you’re in – your shit will be deleted and we might even cancel your subscription and keep all your money. We also reserve the right to remove any comments for any reason whatsoever, at any time.

This promotion is available only to SCREW subscribers.
(Well duh, you can’t comment until you actually subscribe so that’s a given.)

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