SCREW’s Peter Meter™ Rating System

In 1968, SCREW became the first publication in history to review sex toys and pornographic films. The “Peter Meter,” created by late SCREW founder/publisher Al Goldstein and editor Jim Buckley, was used as a rating system to rate adult films based on how much a film turned them on.

By the mid-1970’s and throughout the “Golden Era of Porn,” the Peter Meter had become the de facto standard in adult film reviews. The most sought after review by adult filmmakers, a “solid” Peter Meter rating practically assured the success of any film. Deep Throat, The Devil in Miss Jones and Behind the Green Door were the three films with the highest Peter Meter ratings in SCREW’s 50+ year history – and subsequently, three of the most successful adult films in the history of porn.

Today, we are proud to re-introduce – better yet, res-erect – the Peter Meter. Going forward, we will be reviewing adult films, websites and content at least once or twice a week and publishing our ratings on the SCREW website at for the benefit of our subscribers. In it’s design, we tried our best to capture the simplicity and charm of the original Peter Meter but with our own, update protocol for reviews.

How Ratings Are Determined.

Rather than just rate films and content on how much it “turns us on,” – which is kind of subjective since whatever turns us on today, might not turn us on tomorrow – we’ve devised a specific criteria for the new Peter Meter:

1 Erection = It turned us on,

2 Erections = AND we masturbated to it,

3 Erections = AND it’s definitely worth the money (because we’ll masturbate to it over and over again),

4 Erections = AND it was refreshingly creative and/or unique to anything else we’ve seen so far,

5 Erections = AND we’d probably pay TWICE the price for it,

5 Erections and a Spooge = IT’S FUCKING LEGENDARY. (Think: Deep Throat.)

A Note to Filmmakers

Don’t be mad if you’re film only gets 1 or 2 erections. The mere fact your content turns us on and/or we masturbated to it means A LOT! We look at porn all day, every day. In fact, we’re kind of numb to it at this point, so just getting a Peter Meter review to begin with is a sign of awesomeness.

SCREW is a 100% independent and objective reviewer of adult films and content. We do not accept bribes (well…) but we do welcome access to your content for review purposes. While we do have some affiliate partnerships with adult content providers from which we earn commissions for referrals, we will never include an affiliate- or referral link in any Peter Meter review in order to earn a commission from it. That’s kinda shady, even for us.

Most films and content we’ll select ourselves, but if you’d like to submit your adult film, website or other content for a SCREW review and Peter Meter rating, email Phil Autelitano, Publisher at