OnlyFans Models: Get Featured in the Legendary SCREW Magazine!

Hi, thanks for taking a few minutes to read this…

My name is Phil Italiano and I’m the owner and publisher of Screw Magazine. Founded in 1968 by my predecessor, the late porn legend Al Goldstein, Screw was once called, “The Most Notorious Magazine in America,” by The New York Times. We were the FIRST publication to review pornographic books and films, and over our 52-year history we’re credited with pioneering the commercialization of modern porn. Yes, Screw is a legend – don’t believe me? Google us.

Right now, we’re in the process of re-launching the magazine in digital format at It’s been 17 years since we published anything – and our loyal readers have been demanding every since. Since 2017, we also operate SCREW TV, exclusively on Roku – a subscription service that’s kind of like the Netflix of Porn, with over 600,000 paid subscribers.

Our new subscription site – the virtual magazine – launches November 4th, officially – exactly 52 years from the launch of the first print edition. And I’m very excited about this.

So what does this mean for YOU?

It’s simple: if you’re an adult model, 18 years or older (and you can prove it), I’d like to INTERVIEW YOU for Screw – whether it’s a simple, online interview via web chat or messenger, or we can do it over the phone. I need content for Screw and YOU need FREE PROMOTION. Your interview will be FEATURED in the Screw digital publication as well as plugged on Screw TV – with your OnlyFans (or other web details) prominently displayed for our viewers and readers to find you.

I’ll even take it one step further…

If you have a photo collection – approximately 20-30 quality photos – I’ll even create for you a Screw-branded digital book that we can sell via the Screw website AND to our viewers on Screw TV. We can sell your collection of photos to our audience of 1,000s for $9.95. You get 80%, forever. And there’s nothing else you need to do.

You know what, let’s go another step further…

If I LIKE YOU, I’ll KEEP promoting you – every time you make updates or have a new project you’re working on, I’ll let the Screw audience know. Again, NONE OF THIS COSTS YOU A DIME.

You need the promotion, I need some content – EVERYONE WINS – and for ever you’ll get to say you were featured in SCREW just like many of the top models and performers in the adult industry have been for over 52 years!

Hit me up at if you’re interested. Hurry, because this opportunity for free promotion is only available until I’m overwhelmed.

That’s it.

Thanks again,

Phil Italiano
Publisher, Screw