Free Advertising for Online Models

Every time I post photos for SCREW to Instagram or Twitter and tag them with #onlyfans, I’m inundated with people offering to “promote” me. I can’t help but think most of these are scams, simply by the way they present themselves. Recently, a dear friend of mine was conned out of more than $1,000 by someone claiming to be an “OnlyFans Promoter.” Not only did she lose the money, but she didn’t get ONE new subscriber.

It pains me to think that with all the beautiful models out there just getting started or struggling to make a go of it online, that there’s just as many assholes out there looking to take advantage of them. Anyway, it got me to thinking…

Free Advertising for Online Models

Between the SCREW Magazine website and SCREW TV, we have nearly 1 Million free- and paid viewers and a lot of advertising space waiting to be filled. Rather than leave it empty, I decided to offer that space to online models (OnlyFans, ModelCentro, your own pay sites, etc.) absolutely, 100% free for up to 3 months. Nothing to sign, nothing to buy, no contract, no obligation, no credit card needed, simply submit your ad image (specs below) and we’ll do the rest. It’s a $99/month value – FREE, just because.

I’ve been promoting a handful of friends this way for the past few months with varying results, but one thing is for certain, it’s WORKED. Every one of them has gained new subscribers – whether just three or four, or dozens. So there’s no question it works. Shit, if you just get ONE from a free ad, it’s worth the time it takes to submit it.

For us, it fills empty spaces between SCREW TV videos with static images and additional ad space on the SCREW website – offering additional eye candy to our viewers while helping us expand our advertising platform – and for YOU, well, it’s FREE PROMOTION to help you grow your subscriber base without having to worry about being scammed.

I’ll filter your ads through our “Baubles & Balls” classifieds and “Phil’s OnlyFans Favorites” for added promotion and you may even qualify for SCREW’s OnlyFans Top Ten which gives you a cool SCREW graphic to feature on your page and you get a Free SCREW T-shirt!

You’re also welcome to say you’re “Featured in SCREW Magazine!” (I have a graphic you can use for that, too.) Don’t forget, SCREW Magazine has been around since 1968, we’re America’s Most Notorious Magazine and a legendary, pioneer in porn industry. For many years, SCREW ads were the best way to promote sex work – and we’re working hard to make that happen again. Ask around, the SCREW name carries some clout!

Submitting Your Ad.

Simply create an ad (900×750 recommended) or send me your favorite promotional photo (preferably one that’s formatted horizontally, wider than tall, which is ideal for the TV screen) and I’ll crop it for you if needed. Be sure to include your real name (for our records), the name you want to appear in the ad, and of course, your LINK. If you have some ad text you’d like to include, you can include it in the Message section. I’ll do my best to get your new ad live within a few hours. I’ll even send you screenshots to confirm.

Required Ad Size: 900×750
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Use the form below to submit your ad now. In submitting the form you certify that you are 18-years of age or older and that the content you are submitting is your own. You can receive ONE free 3-month ad per calendar year.

P.S. – If you’re looking for additional opportunities, we’re also launching a new pay-per-minute Phone Sex and Phone SEXT program and are actively seeking models looking for an additional part-time gig. Add a note in your ad submission if you’re interested.

Happy holidays, and I hope this helps!

Phil Italiano
Publisher, SCREW

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