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  • Such Wow: SCREW Does It DOGE Style
    Today, SCREW officially became the first streaming media platform to accept Dogecoin as a payment option. Sounds crazy, I know, but crazier shit has happened…
  • New Interface Brings SCREW TV to Chromecast, Android, iOS
    SCREW TV is no longer exclusive to Roku. You can now stream the complete channel online, on any device, or to any TV via Chromecast.
  • Bosom Buddies: Larry Flynt and Al Goldstein
    The relationship between SCREW and Hustler, and the friendship between the two magazines’ founders – Al Goldstein and Larry Flynt – is a long, storied one that goes all the way back to the beginning. Here’s the story you haven’t heard yet…
  • Is Eating Ass the Cure for COVID-19?
    SCREW recently asked a bunch of doctors with long foreign names and thick accents and they gave us the scoop on eating the poop shoot…
  • The Walmart Tax: Butt-Banged By The Big Box.
    Most American taxpayers have no idea their tax dollars go to support the nation’s largest welfare recipient – Walmart. SCREW reveals how Wally World is fucking America in the ass …raw.
  • PERVING 101: How to Become a Panty-Sniffing Snob
    Picking up a pair of women’s panties to smell them may sound easy enough, but according to the world’s leading experts – known as the crotch cognoscenti – 99% of men (and women, too) do it wrong. Discover the Art of Sniffing Panties in four simple steps…
  • SCREW Now Accepts Walmart Gift Cards!
    You can now subscribe to SCREW Magazine – and SCREW TV with Unlimited Streaming – with the anonymity, safety and convenience of a Walmart eGift Card.
  • Antibiotic Overuse Gives Rise to Mutant ‘Super Gonorrhea’
    Just when we thought we were leaving 2020 behind for the greener pastures of a whole new year, along comes the greener discharge of a foiled villain who’s mutated and returned bigger, faster and stronger than ever – meet Super Gonorrhea.
  • SCREW Remembers Our Own Al Goldstein (1936-2013)
    A tribute to SCREW’s legendary co-founder and publisher, Al Goldstein – porn pioneer and America’s most hated publisher.
  • SCROTUS: A Yugely Penile Portrait of Donald Trump
    There is perhaps no monument more befitting to mark the end of four, long years of Donald Trump’s failed presidency than one created entirely of old, rusty orange dildos…

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