SCREWCAST Lets You Stream to Roku with Just One Click …on the Dick.

SCREWCAST is our awesome, new browser plug-in for Chrome that allows you to cast SCREW content instantly to any Roku device or Roku TV on the same wireless network. It’s private, anonymous, 100% safe to use, and simple and easy to install. It works with Chrome browser on any Mac/PC desktop as well as many newer tablets and mobile devices with Chrome installed. In addition to SCREW content, you can also cast video content from other websites (provided it’s in mp4 or hls format).

Click The Dick to Get SCREWCAST Now!

SCREWCAST is available FREE exclusively to SCREW subscribers. Simply (you guessed it) CLICK THE DICK above to get started. Not a subscriber? Click the dick anyway, and you’ll be prompted to subscribe first. Complete installation instructions will follow.

Remember, SCREWCAST is still in beta, so we appreciate your feedback.


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